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7 Tips to Help You be Less Stressed on the BIG DAY!

7 Tips to Help You be Less Stressed on the




Do Not Procrastinate

The more space you have, the more likely it’s been filled with more things. That means more to pack! Even though that date is months ahead, starting right away will save you from a panic attack. Dedicate one night or afternoon each week to start packing things you haven’t used in the last 3 months.

Pack in Sections

Is there a room you hardly use? Or do you have things shoved in the closet and afraid to let the monster come out? This is where you should start. If the Winter season is gone and you won’t be passing one until the next place, pack anything related to that season. You don’t need it anymore.


This is the best opportunity to get rid of all those home figurines, out-dated gagets or even old furniture. You may even think about having a garage sale. This is your opportunity to start fresh with a new look once you settle in your new place.

Permanent Markers

Label, Label and Label! You will have so many boxes and making sure you label them by categories like:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Dave’s Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Dave’s Winter Clothes
  • and etc.

Labeling your boxes clear on top and on the side will save you the headache of finding them later. Plus the movers can place them in the right room, saving you time.

The Last Bills

Make sure you pay the last bills pertaining to the household. However, don’t forget to cancel or discontinue other home services on time. So they don’t get you good by having to pay another month when your not there anymore. There are some hidden costs when you start fresh and so you want to save as much as you can.

Mr. Clean

Before the boxes enter your new home, why not make sure its clean to your standards. Cleaning those hidden places, windows and closets are easy to clean with an empty home. Once your stuff enter, most likely you won’t or you’ll not have the will to clean it. Unless you hire someone.

The Party!

Yay! It’s moving day! Once the movers finish their job, now it’s time to call up some friends to help you. Throw an unpacking party. Any good friends will help you if you guarantee them some food! Pizza and Beer won’t let you down! Guaranteed.



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