Moving After Divorce

Moving After A Divorce

Divorce. The D word no one likes. Even if it was done out of necessity, no one enjoys the process. If only for the reason of the extra paper work, no one enjoys their divorce. The reality is that after a divorce someone has to move out. For some, moving out means moving on. For others, it is a time of grieving. Many times, both parties decide it’s best to move to new home to begin creating new memories.

Whatever your situation, you are here because you need to move. Let us at Just Moving know your specific needs and we will do all we can to accommodate, making this difficult process less stressful on the moving end.Moving after divorce

Here’s few reasons why moving after a divorce can be beneficial:

  1. A clean start with new memories. Leave the painful memories in the past and look forward to creating a new life with new memories.
  2. A sign of independence. You will be the one to do everything for yourself now. Feeling the independence grow as you meet with the real estate agent, call the moving company, and set up all the utilities are all signs of independence.
  3. Gaining confidence in who you are. Searching for a home or apartment all on your own can seem overwhelming, but try looking at it from this angle: You can live wherever YOU want. You can have the furniture that YOU like. You don’t have to discuss every decision with someone else.

If you are moving after a divorce with children, make sure to read our Moving with Children tips section because all of those tips can, still, and should be, applied when moving due to a divorce.

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