Tips For Packing Your Own Household Items For The Big Day

Tips For Packing Your Own Household Items For The Big Day!

Is this your first time making a home change? If so, pay attention to some tips that can leave you less stressed on the big day! If your a rolling stone, these can be reminders or even some tips you haven’t thought about.

Start Early

Face it. You are going to have to set time to organize your stuff. Once you know your closing date, it would be good to spend at least one night a week dedicated on packing your household items. Little by little will definitely pay off!


Start prioritizing by packing things that you haven’t used in the last two months. If it’s summer, and you will be moving before Winter comes, pack all Winter related things. You don’t need them until later on. No need to show-off how young you were or show baby pictures of your kids. So start packing those albums and save it when you do a house warming party.

“Do I Still Need This?”

If some items at home has collected dust, grime or even ended up being a home for a pest, YOU DON’T NEED IT. This is your chance to have a fresh start. Throw it away if it’s useless.

Getting rid of items not needed means less to pack

Have a Garage Sale

If you lived in your current place for some years now, you do have a lot of stuff. Maybe you still have things from your childhood or old furniture. This is your opportunity to get rid of things and start new. One idea is having a garage sale.

Collect Boxes

Start being aware with your surroundings and collect cardboard boxes or things that are ideal for putting things away. Your local grocery stores have tons of boxes that they can give away.

Bubble Wrap and Tape

Don’t forget these items. They should be on your top list of things to buy when packing. Packing your fragile things the right way will keep you less stressed.

Labels, Labels and More Labels

Get those permanent markers and start labeling everything that are packed in boxes or containers. Or buy stickers for labels. It is so much easier for you to unpack when there are labels on all boxes. This will guarantee a fun day of unpacking , rather than panic of not finding the items you want.

There you go, some tips that can help you on your big day!


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