Crossing the Border to Mexico

Crossing the Border to Mexico

Sick and tired of where you live? The prices of daily living is over your pension budget? Lets try Mexico! Mexico is still affordable to live comfortable on your basic pension or low income. Before making the plunge, lets consider a few things to keep in mind.


Mexico is NOT just Another State

Even though the United States are very familiar with Mexican culture, doesn’t mean that crossing the border will be similiar to home. Goodness gracious, we are not like Canadians! So why would it be the same in Mexico? The best thing to do is RESEARCH!

Things to consider researching:

  • City or Small town
  • Near by Hospitals
  • Climate
  • Inland or Coast
  • Culture
  • Traditions

Mexico is huge! There are distinct cultures in different areas within the country and different lifestyles. The best thing to do first is to VISIT!

Start Learning a New Language

There are some areas where you can get away with just speaking English. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn Spanish. If you end up living far away from the major cities, most likely many of the adults won’t speak English at all. Mexico has plans to incorporate English language eduation in their schooling system but it just started.

After all, you are moving to Mexico and they speak Spanish. When you put the effort to learn someones language, it opens a way to many brownie points. You will be most welcomed to the culture rather than chastised for boycotting the language.


The Law

Make sure you are aware of all the options you have to get a long-term visa if desiring to live there permanently. Some immigrant visas can eventually permit you to apply for citizenship. If you are making the change because of your company, your company will help you get your papers.

Do more research, search for people who have done it and be patient.


The Care of your Belongings

If you can’t let go of those paintings of your favorite artist, make sure you take care of it on the big day. There are moving companies that can offer even the service of taking your sentimental items to your destination. It is important to consider what things you really need and want.

The less things you have means less stress on moving day. It will most likely give you a chance to start fresh. You’re already making a life change so why not with our stuff?




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